Reason for this website


The reason for this website is to bring together problems that face our professional people.  The stress, anxiety and even panic attacks that are on the increase.  If we all can learn from how the professional people are now trying to deal with their stress levels then the rest of us may find answers to are our stress related problems before they turn into serious health matter.

Mental and physical stress removal Secrets You Wish You Knew Years Ago

31779714_s we are what we thinkSome of the top stressful jobs in the work place each have their own problems but each result it high levels of stress.  What is clear if you look into these many of the people working in them don’t like their work any more.  What every reason why they first took up these careers have  long died.

The dreams they first had have not turn out to what they thought they would be.  High motivate people have high goals but the goals they reach may not have been their own.  Other in their early years could have pushed them into what they thought was best for them in the long term but because they have invested so much of their time and money reaching their positions through exams etc they feel it is to late to change, so mental stress and anxiety  start to build up in them.  The only way some of them see as a way out is through the bottle, drugs or killing themselves

Mental stress and anxiety is so hard to deal with as they soon develop into panic attacks and depression.  Once a stress seed is in bedded into your mind then it can lay there for years and suddenly hits you.

This article  dosen`t  cover actual panic attacks but you can find more information on them here

Every ones job and personal life have different triggers that start the stress and anxiety process but everyone the stress and anxiety will show in very smaller ways.

No need to go through these as there are many articles on this and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know you are sick of what you are doing and the situation you find yourself in is becoming a bigger burden every day.


Most people will rather stay as they are with all the stress and all the anxiety they feel because of two main reasons.  One they are in a comfort level that they know, even though it is a this comfort level is bad for them.  It is like the fat person, they know their health will be effect by their over size bodies and they knew they should do something about it but the little voice in their minds keeps talking to them to do something tomorrow, which never comes.

The other reason that people wont change  is because it can effect those around them and they feel they have to put them first, not realising a change they could take could also be better for their love one and again that little voice telling them all the reasons why they should not try to change.


The story of the frog is will know but it does sum us all up.  There were two frogs in a lab experiment.  One frog was put into a pan of hot water which it jumped out immediately.  The second frog was put in a pan of cold water which was slowly heated this frog could have jumped out but it stayed in the pan.  The assumption was this frog felt safer in the pan of water that was slowing being heated up, jumping out into the unknown was not an option the frog liked.  This fog was basically boiled a live.  (not the best thing a human could do to another life form)

The story underlings what we all go through.  No one jumps into knowing hot water but many of us will stay in our comfort level even when we know the problem and stress we are feeling should be sort out until we find ourselves in all sorts of problems.

Here are some proven steps that help stop mental stress and panic attacks.

We all dream so why not dream of changing your life.  Not in a small way but in a big way. You have heard this before but you need to set goals for the remainder of your life.  The general advice on this is make your goal realist take small steps.  If you look at successful people in any walk of life they all had big dreams. Their dreams we so far away from where they were that anyone of their friend heard them would laugh their socks off.

No one reaches realist goals they just don’t.  In a realist goal you have very little power coming from that goal.  Example  A money goal – you want an extra $50 or a $100 a month.  You start your goal by writing it down as everyone says you should. You look at and read that goal to yourselves everyday.  But this $50/100 goal has no power.

What happens next this is strange two things start to happen as you read that goal everyday that little voice starts to get busy inside your head,  it believes you want to stay in your comfort zone and throws at you all the reason to stop reading or thinking. about your goal.  You feel tired or there is something you like to watch on T.V that you miss, maybe you miss going out with your friends.  All good reason to stop.

As this is going on, at the same time your subconscious is also throwing up into your conscious mind idea to make that money.  But because your goal is realistic it has no power to hold you on course and that little voice of reason wins and you stop.  That reason for the extra money is not so important.  All the good ideas that have come to you from your subconscious stop too until the next time you think of a realistic goal

If you set you goal really high say I want a £1000,000 dollars in three years again the fight between in you conscious start.    You will have all the reason why it is such a stupid thing to dream and on the other side ideas will flash into your mind how to reach this un-realistic goal.

Because you goal is so big you start dreaming about it and what you would do once you have made that $1000,000   You may see the house or boat and also sorts of things you have dreamed before and the pictures form in your minds eye are they are so strong and you keep them there by reading that goal everyday and soon you start putting into practice what idea come up to push you closer to that unrealistic goal.

This goal becomes so strong that little voice in your mind stops telling you to give up starts to be very positive.  Maybe an extra $50/100 a month is enough to start your big goal off, this small realistic goal is now part of you very big un-realistic goal that is coming nearer and nearer to you as you take hold of it.  Things start falling into place, you meet people that can help you and who you would not have meet if it wasn’t for your big un realistic dream

A big goal to change your career or life will stop your mental stress and anxieties dead.  You will feel stress as your push to reach you goal but it is good stress that turns into a personal strength and drive.

By focusing your mind on your future not letting it dwell on your present situation your stress levels drop and are replaced with energy.  Understanding you are where you are and what you think and feel because of your pass thoughts and action.  Start to change your present situation and in a short time a new future will start, you will still have stress but stress you can easy handle.

The other form of stress we fell which is physical which can be brought on by worry but here is a way to help with this.

Stress can be dressed up in many forms but it is basically a chemical reaction in your brain and body.  stress can and is good for you in some forms it help you achieve all sorts of things but as we know when it builds up in us it starts to be come de-stress which is not so good.

To help remove your stress try this you can do this through out the day and it only takes a few minutes.  It works on your mental and physical level.  Set up right in a chair or in you car – but seat up right.  Starting with your face crunch your face up, make as many muscles in you face tighten, hold for 4-5 seconds and relax.  As you relax say to yourself relax, this is the mental side of the exercise.  Do the same with your shoulders and your neck, hold 4/5 seconds and relax saying to your self as you let got relax.  Now both arms and hands, tenses them and again hold and then relax.  Take a deep breath and hold and the same time tenses your back – count and relax.  next your stomach muscle after them you backside after that stretch your legs out and curl you toes back (watch out for cramp) hold and relax as you go through all the part of your body saying to your self relax.

Now when some one say relax no one really can, if you are having your teeth drilled or something that is going to hurt – no one relaxes but if you tell yourself to relax as you go through this excises a few times your mind gets the idea and soon start to help take the tension form your body. A good time to do this is just before you got into your home.  It stop you taken any feeling of stress in with you that others in your family will pick up on.

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Lawyers May Be Dangerous To Your Case

18662760_s lawyers stressYou would thinks that being a layer you would not have that to many worries.  the fees lawyers change are some of the highest hourly and contractual changes around.  It seem though a good living is made in this professional it is also one of the top professions that have one of the highest suicide rates.   This was stated in a study done by the John Hopkins University where more than 100 occupations where looked at.

In 1996 when a study was done it was found that lawyers over took dentists who where thought then had the highest suicide rate per 100.  Other research that has been carried out says that nearly half of women lawyers don’t like their jobs.

I was also stated by Dr Andy Benjamin University of Washington  that the problem of stress and depression starts is suffered by 40% of the students by their graduated

When the young graduate is looking for a securer career being an lawyer comes out as one of the best careers to follow, why it is said that one out of ten people in Washington are lawyers.

The ambitious who have over achieved in the school believe being a lawyer is going to be, if not easy not than hard.  Like a lot of other professional perfectionism in their early years is drilled into them.  If a case is lost because of bad research on a case then it could be a career stopper so making shore everything they do is perfect start to build at first low stress levels that over time will build up and anxieties start to show up in their lives.

So many TV show of court room dreamer so a glamorous side to the profession but reality  for short of the designer suits quick action court action  leaving many a new young lawyer depressed.  On top of that because there is a very high competitive environment the less motivate of these young lawyers are being left behind in the place for the top jobs.

On top of this the workload in almost all lawyers workplaces is high (more for buck)  and discipline  that is in forced by the lawyers managing partners they work for is also one of the main reason the average lawyer is stressed and often lead them to drink more.

The self-employed lawyer with their private clients have even high stress and anxiety levels.  Not only have they got to win for their client but also make sure if they lose their client can not sue them for the handling of their case badly.

Lawyers have the same problem as doctors, dentists, police and firemen just to name a few.  they need to learn how NOT to sock up the emotions of their clients and the situation their clients are in.  This takes some time to must but until they do then they like a lot of us will take the emotions of our working day home and spill it over our love ones.

There is also the problems on how a case in court is conducted.  A lawyer will often use subterfuge and distortion of the facts to persuade others to their point of view.  These methods of representing law may win their case and they may also be pressed by others in their profession and also rewarded for their victory.  The problem is that this may change the personality of the lawyers who would normally not stoop to this type of behaviour in their private life.  Over time as they use more are more trick though still inside the law their conscious start to send out warning that all is not right in side their minds.  The headaches will start they feel depressed  in general live is not paying out as they feel it should be.





Doctors in danger from stress

36977678_s doctor stressIt is hard to believe that doctors are killing themselves but statistics are showing that a number of doctors are ending their lives, what’s more women doctors are killing themselves than men.  So the question is why.  Why would highly trained medical professional kill themselves when they have had the training in helping people with the stress, anxieties  panic attacks and depression.

In the U.S.A  in 2003 new doctors had their residency training cut down to 80 hours a week but the stress of the training and long hours still took there toll.


The work load is not just from the people they see and still fitting in their studies it is also the mounting of paper work to keep up to date with the changing medical information

The other big question with a number of medical students is how do they deal with the emotions of others that spill over them which in turn increases their own stress levels.

There is a lot of advice but this advice is hard to put into practise.  Everyday doctors are dealing with sick people and their emotions, so by the end of a working day it is very hard for doctor to be able to release the stress and anxiety that has built up in them.  This leads to another reason why there is a high divorce rate in the medical profession.

What most doctors try to do is to mentally detach themselves from their patient but this is a very fine line to walk.  If a doctor switches themselves off then they can come across as uncaring or distance but it seems it is the only way to go if a doctor wants to stay healthy themselves and not be one of the many who are finding the job just to hard to carry on.

The other problem doctors are facing more in recent year is the  aggressive patient.  The one that maybe just on the edge of becoming violent as they too tip over their own stress levels

Doctors are seeing more and more stress, anxiety and panic attack problems which really the average doctor is not equip for.  So more and more people are being put onto drugs that don’t need.  What is needed is a simple programme to show how to relax and handle the stress levels in day to day living.  Now if doctors are finding it had to relax then their patients are going to be put on a drug that could do more harm than good in the long run.

Doctors need to manage their stress levels better than they are at the moment to help themselves and their patients.  What is not helping in many organizations where a doctor work is when they have a genuine complaint about problems that effect them doing their work should be looked at as soon as possible and not sweep it under the table.  It would not take to much effort to set this up a programme so any doctor who works for themselves or are in and organisation can go and receive some form of stress management.

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Recent Survey Finds stress that can kill a Dentist

Who would you think felt the most stress when you went to a dentist – you or the Dentist?

15344555_s  dentist

It seem that more and more Dentist are feeling the stress and anxiety from their patient are they try to work on the problem in hand.

A report that has just come out is saying that Dentist are suffering a number of ailments, at the mental level  like hypertension, depression, stress and anxiety.  On the physical side there is back pain, eyesight strain, heart problems and high blood pressure  brought on by high levels of stress. and the list goes on.  It is claimed that there are twice as many dentist killing themselves that most countries nation average?

for the younger dentist it seem that finance is a big part of their stress and anxieties.  The cost of repay the loans they took out to cover their training cost lay heavily on their minds.  Most will have to work for another dentist or company and that means they have got to products or see clients in a given time.   On one hand they got to do a good job or their client may not come back and also tell everyone they met of their experience.  This will then reflect on the boss and the business.

In the United states the problem for dentist are much greater than say the UK.  In the states their is a will oiled legal system just waiting to have a good malpractice case in their hands.  In the UK not so much and if their was a case to answer the law in the U.K don’t pay out any thing like the pay outs paid in the U.S.A.

What was considered a good will paid job some years back is now though still will paid is not as good as say a lawyer or going in banking.  In Europe again the pay is poor because a dentist or come to that a doctor in one of the old Russian satellite countries pay very poorly.  In a lot of places as little as $300 – $400 a month.  Also these Dentist have not received as good as training as you would find in say U.K, Germany France.

In the U.K Their National Health Service – N.H.S. have found in their studies on stress in their dentist have much the same problems that you would find in a private practice  (most of the treatment in the N.H.S is for dentistry is free as it is paid for through a tax system called the National Insurance)  Say that the dentist still has to keep their cost down their patients numbers up.  This mean that stress and anxiety is high.

So the next time you go your dentist and as you lay there with your back aching and your nerves like a bow string ready to snap and as the needle is put into your gum again and again  remember  the dentist is having just as bad as time as you are.  Their back is probably pain full, their eyes are losing their focus and just like most of us they have money worries.  So relax take a deep breath and think of somewhere that you would like to be and before you notice the dentist will say that it for now see you at the next appointment.

Dental CE: Stress Management for Dental Professionals